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Trocadero was made popular by making the soundtrack for Red Vs. Blue, an internet machinima comedy. Trocadero is a band based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that consists of Nico Audy-Rowland, Martha Williams, Jeff Williams and Brandon Erdos. Other guest musicians include Philadelphia Telepants, Sandy Casey, Susan Hsia, and Karen Langlie. They are most famous for creating the theme to the popular machinima series Red vs Blue, "Blood Gulch Blues," as well as other music for the series such as "A Girl Named Tex". Read more about Trocadero on


Tracks Versions
Tex Is Here 1 guitar tabs
Goldmine Blues Ukulele 1 tablature chords
Bolt 1 guitar tabs
No One Ukulele 1 tablature chords
Vale Deah Ukulele 1 tablature chords
Relay 1 guitar tabs
Faraway 1 guitar tabs
Blood Gulch Blues 1 guitar tabs
Half Life 1 guitar tabs
Colors 1 tablature chords
Steady Ride Gun Metal Green 1 tablature chords
617 1 tablature chords
A Girl Named Tex 1 guitar tabs
Red Vs Blue Intro 1 guitar tabs
People Person tab 1 guitar tabs