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at least 2 bands exist with this name 1. Pop-punk band from Virginia Beach, VA started in 2009 with influences such as Averman, Title Fight, and Transit 2009 Demo is up for download www.myspace.com/turnoverva Turnover released a self titled ep in 2011 which can be downloaded at www.turnover.bandcamp.com 2. A sludgy hardcore band that released "Turnover - self tiltled" in 2010 Read more about Turnover on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
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Shiver 1 tablature chords
Wither 1 tablature chords
Permanent 1 tablature chords
Like Slow Disappearing 1 tablature chords
Hollow 1 tablature chords
Super Natural 1 tablature chords
Sunshine Type 1 tablature chords
Bonnie tab 1 guitar tabs
Dizzy On The Comedown 1 tablature chords
Hello Euphoria 1 guitar tabs
Disintergration 1 guitar tabs
Sleepless Nights 1 guitar tabs
Sasha Acoustic 1 tablature chords
Flicker And Fade 1 guitar tabs
Pray For Me 1 guitar tabs
Humming 1 guitar tabs
Cutting My Fingers Off 1 guitar tabs
Diazepam 1 guitar tabs
New Scream 1 guitar tabs
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