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Uncommonmenfrommars Tabs

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The story all starts on the east coast of the U.S.A., the twins Trint Eastwood (Vocals/Guitar) & Daff Lepard (Drums/Vocals) were born in Washington D.C. followed up by Mötor Ed (Vocals/Guitar). But its when they all arrived in Serrieres France, a little town south from Lyon, that these three bros met Jim (Bass/Vocals). After watching Skateboard videos, slamming on some concrete, and the adrenaline rush of listening to punk rock music things started to change. Read more about Uncommonmenfrommars on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Tatoo 1 guitar tabs and 2 guitar pro tabs
You Can Be Evil 2 guitar pro tabs
Pizzaman 2 guitar pro tabs
Goodbye My Friend 1 guitar tabs
Liar 1 guitar tabs
Stuck In The Past 1 guitar tabs
Come To Jamaica 1 guitar pro tabs
Blue Flame 1 guitar pro tabs
Dark Sunday 1 guitar pro tabs
Noise Pollution 1 guitar tabs
Systems After You 1 guitar tabs
Fat Boy Intro 1 guitar tabs
All Or Nothing 1 guitar tabs
You Failled Me 1 guitar pro tabs
Vote For Me 1 guitar pro tabs
Vote For Me welcome to 1 guitar pro tabs
Type Two 1 guitar pro tabs
Security 1 guitar pro tabs
Pop Star 1 guitar pro tabs
Involuntary Solitary 1 guitar pro tabs
Get The Fuck Of My Life 1 guitar pro tabs
You Lie 1 guitar tabs