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Vex Red Tabs

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Vex Red were a band from Aldershot, England who merged hard rock with electronica. They were signed to US Producer Ross Robinson's Virgin Records Imprint record label, I Am, after sending a demo EP to Robinson. They litigated their way off the label in late 2002, and singer Terry Abbott formed a new band Septembre. Some of the remaining members went on to form another new band, Scenes. Ben Calvert has also played with Killing Joke and more recently, Malpractice – which also contains Mark Chapman, (an ex-member of A) and Adam F. Read more about Vex Red on


Tracks Versions
The Closest 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Cant Smile 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Can_t Smile 1 guitar pro tabs
Consider 1 guitar tabs
Itch 1 guitar tabs
For The Cure 1 guitar tabs
Dermo 1 guitar tabs
Clone Jesus 1 guitar tabs
Cause And Solution 1 guitar tabs
Bully Me 1 guitar tabs
Sleep Does Nothing For You 1 guitar tabs