Virgin Steele Tabs

Virgin Steele Tabs

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Virgin Steele is a heavy metal band from New York, founded in 1981. They play what they call "barbaric-romantic" metal, which is very symphonic and contains many elements from classical music. Band-leader David DeFeis describes the music as "From a whisper to a scream, barbaric, romantic, bombastic, yet subtle, grandiose, yet earthy. A call, a shout, an invocation to Freedom and the continual awakening to the awareness that every moment of life is lived to its fullest potential. It is a force, a sacred quest which drives Virgin Steele on. Read more about Virgin Steele on


Tracks Versions
Hellfire Woman 2 guitar tabs
I Wake Up Screaming 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
I Will Come For You 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Blood And Gasoline 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Weeping Of The Spirits 1 guitar tabs
Forever Will I Roam 1 tablature chords
Child Of Desolation 1 guitar pro tabs
Blood Of The Saint 1 guitar tabs
A Cry In The Night 1 tablature chords
Arms Of Mercury 1 tablature chords
Gate Of Kings 1 tablature chords
Perfect Mansions Mountains Of The Sun 1 guitar tabs
We Tule The Night 1 guitar tabs
Rising Unchained Intro 1 guitar tabs
Burn Of Rome 1 guitar pro tabs
Cry Forever 1 guitar pro tabs
Love Is Pain 1 guitar pro tabs
Strawgirl 1 guitar pro tabs
Veni Vidi Vici 1 guitar pro tabs
Victory Is Mine 1 guitar pro tabs
Burning Of Rome Cry For Pompeii 1 guitar tabs
Blood Gasoline 1 guitar pro tabs
When The Legends Die 1 tablature chords