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The ultimate progressive/technical thrash band, WatchTower ushered in a new era of extreme metal with their 1985 debut album, Energetic Disassembly, hailed as "Rush meets Metallica at 200 mph" by one publication. Featuring an array of chaotic time changes, aggressive vocals, and possibly one of the most accomplished rhythm sections in metal, this was one of the highlights of metal in the '80s. By 1989 WatchTower's line-up had changed when they released their sophomore effort, Control And Resistance. Read more about Watchtower on


Tracks Versions
Forever Cold 1 guitar tabs
A Special Possession 1 tablature chords
Creation Praises God 1 tablature chords
Our Strength Our Hope Our Confidence 1 tablature chords
Now Is The Time 1 guitar tabs
Where I Belong 1 tablature chords
Forward 1 tablature chords
If You Could See What I See 1 tablature chords
The Best Life Ever 1 tablature chords
001 Jehovahs Attributes 1 tablature chords
A Lost Generation 1 guitar tabs
Social Fears 1 guitar tabs
You Did It For Me 1 tablature chords