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Watermark got their start recording under the name Sons and Daughters, with longtime friends Charlie and Kimber Hall (Charlie Hall is a known worship leader with the Passion conferences). They released their first record, Holy Roar, with this lineup in 1995. In 1997, they released Open Me Up under the same name. That same year, Nathan and Christy Nockels began leading worship at Metro Bible Study at Houston's First Baptist Church. This is where Watermark began. Read more about Watermark on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Arise And Be Comforted 1 tablature chords
Captivate Us 1 guitar tabs
Holy Roar 1 tablature chords
Who Am I Grace Flows Down 1 guitar tabs
Magnificent One 1 tablature chords
Made For You 1 tablature chords
Knees To The Earth 1 tablature chords
Weve Come To Declare chords 1 tablature chords
Friend For Life chords 1 tablature chords