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Whatever It Takes Tabs

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There are 2 bands called Whatever it Takes: A political post hardcore band with #2 from Anti-Flag singing. #2 has described the band as a mix of Saves the Day, Lifetime, and Kid Dynamite. They have a full-length and split cd (with the code) out on A-F Records. A beatdown hardcore band from Belgium featuring (ex-)members of Outcast, Die.. My Demon, The Boss. They play hardcore that will be to the likes of Cold As Life, Bulldoze, Next Step Up Fury Of Five fans. They have a split with King of Clubz, a full length on german label FWH records called 'DHM' and a new MCD 'Chasing the rush'. Read more about Whatever It Takes on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Green Light Yellow Light Stop 2 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
City Streets Summer Heat 1 guitar tabs
Erase The Days 1 guitar tabs
I Swear This Is The Last Time 1 guitar tabs
Write For Your Life 1 guitar tabs