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Show Me The Way To Go Home

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            Hi, this is the first time that I have posted a tab and I hope that you enjoy this 
beautiful song. Willy plays it in a Country Blues finger picking style, but it sounds just as 
cool when you strum it, enjoy.


Willy Mason
Show Me The Way To Go Home

Intro: Em, AM, B7, Am, Em, Am, B7, Em.

Em                          Am
My mother and my father, my television,
B7             Am
school music my inner vision,
Em                    Am
 my mind is a nation, with all of these divisions,
B7                  Em
show me the way to go home.

Em                          Am
My friends on the bottom, my friends on the top,
B7                       Am
some of my friends don't know when to stop,
Em                               Am
sometimes want cheers, while the another hart drops,
B7                              Em
but they all tryin to find away home.

(Instrumental): Em, Am, B7, Am, Em, Am, B7, Em.

Em                   Am
My town, my state, my whole country,
B7                       Am
my families rates, their religion and money-
 Em                          Am
sometimes I laugh at things, that I don't find funny
B7                             Em
and I wanna find the way to go home.

Outro: Em, Am, B7, Em.    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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