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There were two acts that used the name 'Xasthur', one hailed from the United States of America and the other, from Singapore. Both were one-man projects that belonged to the black metal genre. Xasthur was an American one-man ambient black metal band formed in Alhambra, California in 1995 by Scott Conner, who goes by the pseudonym "Malefic". Although similar in terms of low-fi production and the wearing of corpse paint, musically and lyrically Xasthur's focus is usually not on paganism, Satanism or anti-Christian blasphemy – as is common in the genre – but rather on astral projection... Read more about Xasthur on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Black Imperial Blood 1 guitar tabs
Malice Hidden In Surrealism 1 guitar pro tabs
Screaming At Forgotten Fears 1 guitar pro tabs
Arcane And Misanthropic Projection 1 guitar pro tabs
Blood From The Roots Of The Forest Part 2 1 guitar pro tabs
Walker Of Dissonant Worlds 1 guitar pro tabs
Sigils Made Of Flesh And Trees 1 guitar tabs
Conjuration Of Terror 1 guitar tabs
A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors 1 guitar tabs
Bleak Necrotic Paleness 1 guitar pro tabs
A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness solo tab 1 guitar tabs