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Statue Of Liberty

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            Statue of Liberty - XTC 

G        Em   (4 X)

verse 1
G            Em                   G        Em
The first time I saw you standing in the water
G                Em                G       Em
You must have been all of a thousand feet tall
G            Em                   G        Em
Nearly naked - unashamed like herod's daughter
G            Em                    G       Em
Your love was so big it made New York look small

Bm                       Em   Bm
You've been the subject of so many dreams since I
D     G    D    G
climbed your tor - so
G        Em                G               Em
Oh!               My statue of Liberty      woo hoo
G            Em                   G        Em
Impaled on your hair, what do you do, do do to me

verse 2
I leaned right over to kiss your stoney book
A little jealous of the ships with whom you flirt
A billion lovers with their cameras snap to look
and in my fantasy I sail beneath your skirt

chorus repeat

out-tro (repeat endlessly)
G            Em            G           Em
oh oh oh oh oh oh my statue of liberty    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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