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Your Vegas Tabs

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How does a band from a little town outside of Leeds end up going by the name Your Vegas? “It was one of our first songs,” says the band’s singer Coyle Girelli. “Your Vegas seemed to sum us up. It’s about escaping to a different place, wherever that is.” Escape, along with brotherhood, is at the core of Your Vegas. Four of the five band members grew up in a small suburb of Leeds called Otley. Forming a band came naturally; according to Girelli. “There aren’t many people in Otley. You find three other people near the same age into music, you’re probably going to meet up and form a band.” Read more about Your Vegas on


Tracks Versions
In My Head 1 tablature chords
Troubled Times 1 guitar tabs
It Makes My Heart Break 1 guitar tabs
Christmas And Me Are Through 1 tablature chords