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Youth Brigade Tabs

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Youth Brigade can refer to two different punk music groups. (1) The first was a punk music trio formed by brothers Mark Stern, Adam Stern, and Shawn Stern, in Hollywood, California in 1980. The band has broken up and subsequently re-formed a number of times. They have been together again for several years as of 2006, and playing shows throughout California. Youth Brigade have only released a few records, but were influential as the founders of the Better Youth Organization, an independent record label and concert booking firm. Read more about Youth Brigade on


Tracks Versions
Believe In Something 1 guitar tabs
What Are You Fighting For 1 guitar tabs
You Dont Understand 1 guitar tabs
Did You Wanna Die 1 guitar pro tabs
Where Are All The Old Man Bars 1 guitar tabs
Spies For Life 1 guitar tabs
Sink With Kalifornjia 1 guitar tabs
Reason Why 1 tablature chords
Its Not Like That Anymore Intro 1 guitar tabs
I Hate My Life 1 guitar tabs
I Hate My Life Solo 1 guitar tabs
Fight To Unite 1 guitar tabs
Tomorrow 1 tablature chords