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Something Else

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            F#m - E - D - Db
I still remember how it feels to be 16.
Breakin down boxes in a field of green.
Lately I feel a buzz going around.
I keep spreading all this love around.

A - E - F#m - D
What is there to hold.
Hold my hand. And we'll make it through I swear.
Cuz this is something else.
OMG. With my arms stretched out.
I'm floored as well. Cuz I know.
That this is something
This is something else.

F#m - E - D - Db
I feel like we were put here.
To lift eachother up.
Brothers sisters mothers and fathers.
we're connected through the connection of love.
Whatever you do don't give up.
Keep on carrying on. Be there for one another.
It's your destiny.


Added On December 16th, 2013



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