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Upper Michigan Blues

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            G7                          C                  D-              
I got the yooper rush running through my veins. Feel the whole body
 releasing the pain.
          G7                       C               D-               
[Chorus] I got them Upper Michigan blues. When it enters your veins, you can do 
anything. Its the Upper Michigan blues.
  G7                                            C                      
The colored rocks along the shoreline, and the seagulls flying through the
            D-                                        G7
 Marquette skies, they make a guy feel swell. And all our problems go straight to hell.


[Instrumental] G7 C D  G7

  G7                                         C                           
The pictures we could take in the forest. The U.P blues are so strong, I 
                  D-                                           G7
want more. Let's have us some fun. Upper Michigan blues'll make you number one.


Added On December 16th, 2013



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