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I Dont Suppose Ill Get A Second Chance

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            D                        F#m
I look around, what do I see?
Em                  G            A7
Everyone is arm and arm, side by side
D                    F#m
Never used to bother me
Em                    G            A7
But it can't help the way I feel inside
Bm                 F#m
Knowing what could be
Em           G             A7
If only to myself I hadn't lied but I
D                     F#m Bm 
I threw away my one romance
      Em                 G                    D
Now I don't suppose I'll get a second chance

I wish I could go back
I wish that I could change the past around
And see where I'd be now
If I had only known just what I'd found
I wish that I knew then
What I know I now but oh, that's such a sad, sad sound
D                      F#m Bm 
In the end it's all in vain
      Em                G                    D
Now I suppose I've only got myself to blame

D                         F#m Bm
I guess I'll move back to Penzance
         Em                 G                   F#m Bm
'Cause I don't suppose I'll get a second chance
      Em                 G
No, I don't suppose I'll get a second


Added On December 16th, 2013



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