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            Family Of The Year
Through The Trees EP

Capo: 3rd Fret

    Em                  G
All the trees and the dead leaves
    C                   Am
It must be falling in love with you
    Em                  G
All the sand in my pocket's hand
    C                    Am
I wish you'd start hanging out with me

Break: No lyrics: D C G Am

Maybe won't you come with me
There's some place that I want to be
  G                               C
Help me out by holding on to my hand
The stars are out the crowds thinned out
 C                        G   C
Walk with me down to the water
          G  C        G
And the horizon will be
                      D    Am Am
The only thing we'll see

Em       G    C    Am
All the neon the phosphorescence
Em          G     C    Am
It can't me serious right now
Em         G          C     Am
We roll our jeans up wade out a little
Em        G               C       Am
Splash around to make the colors grow

Maybe we can take a ride
Down to where the hills collide
  G                               C
Fire flies are calling out your name
And the grass beneath your feet
It just smells so sweet
       G    C      G C         G 
Oh I cant love anymore than I do
 D       Am

Break: No lyrics: D C G Am

Em               G
All the times you were scared
    C                       Am
You were ok cause you'd be here someday
D    C    G    Am
Na na na na na 
D    C    G    Am
Where'd you get that face
D    C    G    Am
Na na na na na
D    C    G    Am
Your dank face    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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