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A Grain Of Sand

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            A5 C5-G5      C5-G5-C5

A5                   C5-G5 C5-G5-C5
Devil's always with that lady,
she carries him in her left hand

F5                         A5-A5-G5-A5-A5-A5
I know it's never gonna be different
And I know she'll carry him for life

And she thought she could be happy
if she left her love behind

I know it's never gonna be that way
a grain of sand can't hide her pain
A5      G5
I am so far away from you
F5              E5
And so far away from pain
H5       C5         D5         E5
I've been in prison for long eight years

Band page: www.fluid.co.nr
Transkripcija: Stevan Golubovic    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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