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Be Stil

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            D                 F#m
Be still. Go onto bed
       G               D
Nobody knows what lies ahead

D                        F#M
Life is short to say the least
             G            D
We're in the belly of the beast

   Bm              G
Be still, wild and young
D                       A                      Bm
Long may your innocence reign like shells on a shore
May your limits be unknown
May your efforts be your own
If you ever feel you can't take it anymore

Bm          G
Don't break character
             D      A
You've got a lot of heart
Bm                     G
Is this real or just a dream
Bm               D
Rise up like the sun
Bm             A       D
Labor till the work is done

Figure the rest out by yourself, I'm tired    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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