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Never Come Around

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Capo II
D:   xx0232
Em:  022000
A:   x02220
G*:  355433
Ab*: 466544
A*:  577655  

D  Em  A
D  Em  A

D                           Em   A
If you ever were to call me from L.A. 
D                                 Em    A
I would simply tell you that I've gone away
    D                               Em   A
And I can't handle hearing from you everyday
   D                             Em  A         D 
So I'll just cry forever, try to be okay-ay-ay-ay

Em   A    D   Em  A

    D                                  Em    A
But you would never call me 'cause you never cared
    D                               Em    A
And I can finally see that you were never there
    D                           Em               A               D
And if you ever call again I'll have to tell you I can't be your friend

Em   A    D   Em  A

G*  Ab*  A*  Ab*  G*  Ab* A*

D  Em  A (x5)

G*  Ab*  A*  Ab*  G*  Ab* A*

  D                                Em    A
I drive around for hours searching for a clue
D                               Em      A
A way to tell you I could never be with you
   D                                 Em   A
So run back to her love because it's over now
     D                           Em     A    D
It's safe to say that baby never comes around

Em   A    D   Em   A   D
       O-oh         O-oh    

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