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You Satisfy My Soul

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            You Satisfy My Soul (Capo 1)

She posted her version (piano), but its too hard on guitar, so this is modified. Its close. Enjoy!

         C     D 
You satisfy my soul
         Em    G
You satisfy my soul
         C     D
You satisfy my soul
With Your love

            C     D 
You make my heart sing
              Em       G
You lift me on eagles wings
             C              D              Em
Just when I thought that my heart it would faint
             C       D                    Em      G    
You take the darkest night and turn it to shining light
           C                 D         G
Just when I thought that the night had won

Em-D-G               C 
Hallelujah, You make all things beautiful
Em-D-G                  C                    D
Hallelujah, trials and testing prove there’s gold
Em-D-G              C              D
Hallelujah, You turn mourning into joy    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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