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Long Time Coming

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            Long Time Comin' by Third Day

Intro:  Dsus2 / D hammer on/off (also in verses)

Dsus2 / D
Well I've been taking, it all for granted
Dsus2 / D
Everything that I, have been givin
        Cadd9                G
Now is the day, to start my mission
                             Dsus2 / D
It's been along time coming

Dsus2 / D
There are many, searchin for answers
Dsus2 / D
Tell me who am I, to keep it to myself
                Cadd9             G
Well I've grown weary, of my own vision
                            Dsus2 / D
It's been along time coming

               G                       Dsus2  
Well I've been runnin, just like an
          G           D
And I am willing and a...ble
            Cadd9                    G
To give you something, that you can believe on
It's been along time comin'

Dsus2 / D
True believers, have been staring
Dsus2 / D
Up into the sky, waiting for your return
         Cadd9                             G
Still I know one day, the clouds will roll down
                            Dsus2 / D
It's been along time comin'

Ahhhhhh a long time comin'


Oh yea... A long time comin'    yeahhh

G   Dsus2                   G     Dsus2 
       Oh  Yeah Ohh         Ohhhhhhh
          Cadd9                  G
Well I am able   To give you something   
It's been a long time, long time, long time, long time comin'


G   Dsus2    G   Dsus2    Cadd9    G    Dsus2   (3x solo  fade)    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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