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Soul Francisco

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            Tony Joe White - Soul Francisco

E7#9 ("the Hendrix chord")

I ain't never been to San Francisco
But I believe a thing has happened there
All them things I'm hearin'bout San Francisco
              A               G              E7#9 
And all them childrens with flowers in their hair

Seem like everybody has got a new bag
Some o'them childrens seem to have something to say
Wearin' beads and all kinds of funky clothes
     A                   G          E7#9   
And there's a thing they had in Monterey
Was a thing

Soul Francisco
Soul Francisco
Soul Francisco

Some o'them people are wond'rin' what it's all about
Don't seem to be nobody that really knows
But from the way that all o'them children are doing
         A                      G                 E7#9 
Could it be that some of them's got a little more soul

Soul Francisco
Soul Francisco
Soul Francisco

A, G, E7#9    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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