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Tried And True

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            This song is kinda hard, and it's in a differen't tuning, it's either a half or whole 
down i'm not sure so it won't sound quite right if u play along with the CD but it should 
but they are the right notes and it will sound right in standard tuning

Verse and intro
Em     022000
F      003211
G      000022
Dsus2  000230


F         Em   F                  Em

Tried and True I see the light in you
F                   Em                     Dsus2
Could you dig in my soul could you smell my whole life

F   Dsus2 G  F                Dsus2 G
Rise my dawn you've been awake too long
F          Dsus2 G                 Dsus2
Let me rest in time while i blow your mind    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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