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The band known as 'A' formed in Suffolk, England in the late 80s, as 'Grand Designs'. The band was founded by twins, Jason and Adam Perry, and their friend Mark Chapman, with bassist Stevie Swindon, and the twins' younger brother Giles Perry joining in the early 90s. The members cited their influences as: Rush, The Beach Boys, Van Halen and the Beastie Boys. A on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Nothing 3 partitions et 2 guitar pro tabs
Somethings Going On 3 partitions et 1 guitar pro tabs
Starbucks 1 tablature accords, 2 partitions et 1 guitar pro tabs
Rush Song 2 partitions et 1 guitar pro tabs
T Shirt Money 3 partitions
Monkey Kong 2 partitions et 1 guitar pro tabs
Going Down 2 partitions et 1 guitar pro tabs
Better Off With Him 1 partitions et 1 guitar pro tabs
Pacific Ocean Blue 1 partitions
Shut Yer Face Intro 1 partitions
Nothing Intro 1 partitions
Springs 1 partitions
The Distance 1 partitions
Wdycai 1 partitions
You Know It Intro 1 partitions
Inikah Cinta 1 tablature accords
Hopper Jonnus Fang 1 tablature accords
Here We Go Again I Love Lake Tahoe 1 partitions
Good Time 1 partitions
Foghorn 1 guitar pro tabs
Combativo 1 guitar pro tabs
Who Needs Frets 1 guitar pro tabs
Fight For Your Right 1 guitar pro tabs
Freedom And Justice 1 guitar pro tabs
Genggam 1 guitar pro tabs
Our Country 1 guitar pro tabs
All Over 1 partitions
Coming Around 1 partitions
Everybody In 1 partitions
Took It Away 1 partitions