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Every Now And Then

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            Artist: Alan Jackson
Song: Every Now And Then 
Album: Freight Train  
CAPO 2 - to match the original song

Intro:    C  D  G  Em  C  D  G  D

     C                           G
The love you thought was dead and gone

       C                D
Somehow keeps on hanging on

     C                       G      D
Even when your heart has left it far behind

     C                   G
Just when you have turned the page

   C              D
It seems to find a way

There it is again

     D       G 
Every now and then


    C                  D        G             Em
And every now and then that old feeling comes around

      C              D            G          Em
Every now and then I see your face in another cloud

    C                 D                  G        Em         C
And every now and then some old something takes me right back again

C     D       G
Every now and then

    C                       G
You can finally breathe life in 

     C                       D
Without wondering where she's been

      C              G                  D
Go to sleep at night without her on your mind

     C         G
In a second it appears

         C           D
Followed by familiar tears

     Em           D
Like a long lost friend

      D        G
Every now and then

Chorus again



Em         C            D
And I know it's all for nothing

Em         C             D
There's no going back to way back then


Em     C      D
I still love you

C         D      G
Every now and then

C    D    G    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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