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I Might As Well Be On Mars ukulele

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Gm Eb
The city streets are wet with rain tonight
Gm       Eb
Taxi drivers swerve from lane to lane
Gm Eb
A lonely guitar man playin' down the hall
D       Gm                FC
Midnight blues comin' through the walls
Gm   Eb
I tried to call you on the telephone
Gm Eb
I left it off the hook just to hear it ring
Gm       Eb
You told me you were better off alone
D       Eb
I never knew that tears could stain

Abm  E      F#     Abm
I'm on the roof and I'm starin' at the stars
E B       F#
Lookin' down at all the cars
      A    E
I can see you
Abm                   E       F#     Abm
In the window of your favorite corner bar
       E   B         F#
But to reach you is just too far
A          E
And I might as well be on Mars

Gm        Eb
The city seems so old and grey and beat
Gm Eb
It closes in and makes me wanna suffocate
Gm            Eb
And you just live across the street
        D Eb
But that's a billion miles away

Abm              E         F#     Abm
You've turned my world into a dark and lonely place
       E       B      F#
Like a planet lost in space
    A  E
My light is fadin'
Abm  E   F#       Abm
I'd cross the universe to be right where you are
        E        B     F#
But I'm right in your backyard
A  E
And I might as well be on Mars

I might as well be on Mars
  E   B
You can't see me
I might as well be the Man on the Moon
          E     B
You can't hear me
Ebm   Esus4 E
Oh can you feel me
   C#m       B        F#
So close and yet so far
A     Gm     F# B
Baby I might as well be on Mars

Gm| Eb
Gm| Eb
Gm| Eb

Baby I can't fly
If I could I'd come down to ya
Maybe I should try    

Added On September 22nd, 2017



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