I'm pretty sure this is correct. I'm not sure why there's 
two pages for Conor Oberst, but this seems to be the better one.

Intro: G Bm C Em x 2 (Bass Drum comes in on that last Em, if I'm not mistaken)

Over these chords is this...add a little flare as you hear in the song.

G|--/3-3/2-0----0-/3----------0---------2-0---0--4/2-0--2 0---0-2---2-0---0---|

Verse: (hm..Dylan, much?)

G                       Bm
All the peacock people left the plumes in a pile
C              Em
They look good to fold
        G                 Bm
And the Gulf water's warm like a bathtub
C                          D
Full of lavender and epsom salt

      G                        Bm
See a bleach blond boy put his longboard down
C                               Em
Help his girl get her sunscreen on
  G                         Bm
I thought about you in your little house
              C                     D
Think you're lonely but I could be wrong and...

C            D
I wanna be a bootlegger
C                          D
Wanna mix you up something strange
C                      D
Braid your hair like a sister
C                   D
Maim you like a hurricane

...considering time restraints

Chorus: G D C Em G D C

And that's most of it. 

Great Album.    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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