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I Am Not Waiting Anymore

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            Field Report - I Am Not Waiting Anymore

F           B         F
I am red in tooth and claw 
F                     B                 F
God's favorite child, bloodied from the brawl 
F                   B          F   C  B
This bitterness was killing me all along 
F        C       F
I am not waiting anymore x2

Blowing through time like nickel slots 
In a windowless room, on a credit card
Flash it like a semaphore, a vague, drafty metaphor
I am not waiting anymore

            C                         Dm            B
I've been a keen eyed observer of the movements of concentric parts 
Gm                     F                                C
Of bodies of bones and breasts and unmapped chambers of hearts

Sand in hand has turned to glass 
A Jeroboam filled with a life that's passed 
Toss it off the balcony and listen for the crash 
I am not waiting anymore

I spent eight long years working on my screenplay 
It's a teen movie with young actresses that plays to the middle aged

I have read between the lines 
I have been wrong every time 
It burned up on the alter, but I am fine 
I am not waiting anymore x3    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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