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2000 Light Years Away

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            2000 Light Years Away Tab by Green Day

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Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 09:57:08 -0600
From: Stephen Dranger 
Subject: TAB

Artist: Green Day
Song: 2000 Light Years Away
Album: Kerplunk!

Correction by Stephen Dranger

I decided to correct and format the existing TAB of this song.
Mucho thanks to Follows is the corrected TAB,
plus some bass TAB.


Here is yet another awesome Green Day song from Kerplunk! that was 
posted in an ftp, but it was missing key parts needed to play the 
song, so I have added them so you can play the whole song. This is 
NOT IN STANDARD TUNING!!! If you want to play it right you HAVE TO 
tune down a half step, because the E is open. NOTE: You do tune down
one half-step, BUT you still play the chord names as if you were in
standard tuning:

B:  x244xx
E:  022xxx
F#: 244xxx
(looks best in Courier)

Intro: B B F# G# F#   Play that 4x for intro

Intro and Verse bass TAB looks like this:

-2--2--2-----------------2-4-|-2--2--2----------------2-4-| repeat,etc.

Verse 1:

  B    F#

I sit alone in my bedroom

B              F#

Staring at the walls

     B       F#

I've been up all damn night long

B                    F#

My pulse is speeding, my love is yearning


G#                   B

I hold my breath and close my eyes	----play-this-twice--------

G#              F#                  ---------------------------

And dream about her...			--3\4-4-4--3\4-4-4---------

E             F#              *===>	--3\4-4-4--3\4-4-4---------

Cause she's 2000 light years away   --1\2-2-2--1\2-2-2---------

G#               B                  ---------------------------

She holds my malakite so tight so

A	     F#

Never let go...

E            F#               B B F# G# F# (4x)

Cause she's 2000 light years away

Verse 2:

  B                         F#

I sit outside and watch the sunrise

B                   F#

Lookout as far as I can

  B                         F#

I can't see her, but in the distance

B                    F#

I hear some laughter, we laugh together



Bass plays alone w/ guitar feedback in background 4x
Last time guitar plays lick:

Eb: |------7-----------|
Bb: |---/7---7---------|
Gb: |----------9/11----|
Db: |---------------9/-|

enter lyrics w/bass only:

I sit alone in my bedroom
Staring at the walls
I've been up all damn night long *==> harmonics down: E: -21//////////-
My pulse is speeding, my love is yearning 



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