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            Hollies - Clown

INTRO: B7     Em

        C                  Em
I see a clown painting his face once more
A                   Em        B7   Em
Before the show has started
            C                          Em           A
He paints a smile on his face with his makeup now
Although he's broken hearted

        C                    D
But the rule of the clown is simple
        C                  F
And the show must go on as always
Em                  D
People are there to laugh at him
    C                   F   Em   F  Em  B7      Em
And he mustn't let them down_______________

              C                        Em           A
He's lost someone dear to him and he's crying now
                    Em        B7   Em
Although he doesn't show it
             C                             Em             A
He gives the show of his life, though he's breaking down
Although you'd never know it

            C                    D
But there's something different about his smile
   C          F
An unfamiliar frown
             Em                   D
Yes, there's something different about him now
     Em          A7              F   Em
He's painted his smile on upside down__    

Added On September 29th, 2015



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