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Gangai Victor And Friends - Alive

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            Key: C
Tempo: 100 bpm

C F Am G x2

Verse 1
O Look not among the dead
      Am                G
He's alive just like He said
Ring the bells of victory
         Am             G
Heaven's promise is fulfilled 

Pre-chorus 1
       Am         F  G           C
Praise Him, the Resurrection and Life
G         F
Christ is life 

  C       Am       G       F
Awake and sing out, alleluia
    C       Am      F
The Lord is risen, alive
    C           Am      G           F
The grave could not hold the Son of God
    C        Am     C   F  Am G
The Lord is risen, alive

Verse 2
He descended to the depths
          Am          G
Freed the souls in prison
He ascended to His Throne
       Am            G
And He reigns forevermore

Pre-chorus 2
    Am   F       G         C
One day, we will rise like Him
G         F
Rise like Him 

        F              Am
For the curse of death is undone
       F           Am        G
At the Cross sin's power is crushed
    F                 Am
The keys of Hades are in His hands
       F             Am           G
We are washed by the Blood of the Lamb

C     F     Am    G
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
C     F     Am    G
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

C F Am G... repeat till end    

Added On September 1st, 2015



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