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Gangai Victor And Friends - Lamb Of God Good Friday Hymn

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            Key: A
Tempo: 68 Bpm

Intro: A D F#m E (x2)

Verse 1
A        F#m 
Come and see
D        E 
Jesus on His knees
A          D              E 
Blood-like sweat upon His brow
A        F#m 
Hear Him plead
D              E 
For the cup to pass Him
Bm     E                A 
But to Heaven's will He bows
Verse 2
A           F#m 
Betrayed by Us
D            E  
Innocent yet stricken
A       D               E 
Wearing thorns, how He bleeds
A       F#m 
D                 E 
Standing trial in silence
Bm       E       A 
Banished to Calvary

Chorus 1
A      F#m    D       A 
Marvel at the Lamb of God
D        A             Bm   E 
Christ became the Sacrifice     
A       F#m      D    E   F#m 
For our sake, He bore the Cross
A           E       A 
Healing the vast divide

Verse 3
A          F#m 
Pierced by nails
D                E 
Still He prays "forgiveness"
A         D            E 
Finished, Life bows to die
A      F#m 
Water, blood
D              E 
Fount of mercy and love
Bm       E               A 
Where assailed souls can hide

A | D | F#m | E || A | D | F#m | E F#

Verse 4
B         G#m 
The veil shreds
E              F# 
Grace roars triumphant
B        E        F# 
Crushing hell and Death
B    G#m 
In Jesus
   E                F# 
We have the hope of pardon
C#m     F#            B 
By His stripes we are well

Chorus 2
B        G#m   E        B
Good Shepherd, Bread of Life
E          B            C#m F# 
Great High Priest, crucified
B          G#m   E  F#  G#m 
Heaven and earth re-con-ciled
B                 F# B 
Great is the love of Christ


B            F#      G#m 
Great is the love of Christ
B            F#      G#m 
Great is the love of Christ
B            F#       B 
Great is the love of Christ    

Added On September 1st, 2015



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