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O Bless Our God With One Accord

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            [Verse 1]
G               D    G   D  G
O bless our God with one ac-cord,
Em          D        C  G   D
Ye faithful servants of the Lord,
Em  D               C     D  G
Who in his house do stand by night;
D   G          D          Em  D    G
And praise him there with all your might.

[Verse 2]
G                   D  G      D    G
Lift up your hands, in prayer draw nigh
Em        D       C  G D
Un-to his sanc-tu-ar-y high;
Em    D                  C  D   G
Bless ye the Lord, kneel at his feet,
D   G       D        Em  D      G
And worship him with rev-erence meet.

[Verse 3]
G             D    G    D G
Jehovah bless thee from a-bove,
Em        D      C    G    D
From Zion in his boundless love,
Em  D                   C     D   G
Our God, who heav'n and earth did frame;
D     G      D         Em D  G
Blest be his great and ho-ly Name.    

Added On March 23rd, 2017



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