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Rick Joswick - A Special Place In Your Heart

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            Key: D

[Verse 1]
D                                 Em        A
Well, good morning Father, it's a brand new dawn
    D                    Em     A
The Eastern sky puts new colors on;
    Gmaj7       F#m         Bm
You touch me now I feel I belong
     Em7                   A
In a special place in your heart

[Verse 2]
D                      Em       A
Once my mornings never saw your face
 D                   Em     A 
Even in nature I was out of place
  Gmaj7       F#m             Bm
I was longing for your warm embrace
     Em7                   A
In a special place in your heart.

F                           Cmaj7
Now that I've found you and love has arrived
  F                                  Cmaj7
I laugh with the spring breeze, I am finally alive
Asus4            Dmaj7
Making a beeline back for the hive
Em             A
Finding my way home.

[Verse 3]
D                          Em     A
Now my life is filled with ec-sta-sy
    D                         Em     A
The champagne of your love is so bubbly
       Gmaj7       F#m                   Bm
Like a bird on the wing soaring wild and free
     Em7                   A
To a special place in your heart.    

Added On December 22nd, 2016



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