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The Rose Of Pi Kappa Phi

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            The Rose of Pi Kappa Phi

Capo 1 Depending what key you can sing it in

A         D            A
As I sat alone with my dreams
A            D          A
A beautiful land I did see
And a vision so bright
Came to me through the night
         B7                    E
With my dream girl I seemed to be

         A           E        A
Oh her eyes are the stars of Heaven
          D                 A
As they shine as a lamp so bright
      A          E       A
Her lips are the rose's petals
        B7                     E
Which open their folds to the light
     A           E       A
Her hair is the gold of sunset
        D                  Dm (Maybe)
As it fades in the Western sky

      D        Dm        A         
No flower that grows is like the Rose
           D         E        A
She's the flower of Pi Kappa Phi    

Added On April 16th, 2017



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