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Traditional Australian - Streets Of Forbes

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Traditional Australian Ballad (possibly written by John McGuire)

Am           C                 D                   E  
Come all you Lachlan men and a sorrowful tale I'll tell
Am              C              D             E7
Concerning of a hero bold who through misfortune fell
Am                          D              E
His name it was Ben Hall, a man of high renown
       Am     C      D           F      E        Am
He was hunted from a station and like a dog shot down

Am             C                       D                     E  
Three years he roamed the roads and he showed the traps some fun
Am         C                           D                E7
A thousand pounds was on his head with Gilbert and John Dunn
Am                                D           E
Ben parted from his comrades, the outlaws did agree
   Am    C   D                  F         E     Am
To give away bushranging and to cross the briny sea

Am                  C         D                E  
Ben went to Goobang Creek and that was his downfall
Am                 C             D           E7
For riddled like a sieve was the valiant Ben Hall
Am                          D                E
T'was early in the morning upon the fifth of May
         Am    C      D                 F      E        Am
That the seven police surrounded him as in his sleep he lay

Am                 C         D                E  
Bill Duggan he was chosen to shoot the outlaw dead
Am                C               D                  E7
The troopers then fired madly and filled him full of lead
Am                               D                   E
They rolled him in a blanket and strapped him to his prad
         Am      C           D                    F        E          Am
And they led him through the streets of Forbes to show the prize they had.    

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