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It Aint Like That

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            It Ain't like that ---  Kind of a country strum.  

          C       C/B     C/A     C/G     C
Talkin to an old friend I had not seen in years
              C       C/B     C/A     C/G          D7
Stole a couple laughs back from when we used to be kids
F                C           Emin   D7
well it could be somethin to live again
F             G           C         C       C/b     C/A     C/G                  
but it ain't like that anymore

And if you wanna tell your sky to get on the ground
C                                               D7
If you wanna move your world to a new place you found

F              C       Emin       D7
Well theres no number to call you back
F             G           C      
When it aint like that anymore

D7                    G

Tapping the mirror to see
                     Amin           F

well if your still there...  Ahh ha AHHHHH
                   D7               G
Finding a place to be.... Anywhere
                       C            C7
Cause I'm almost losin you


And everytime I turn around            F
Theres someone telling me about a real life                            F
County homes and two lane roads no carpool lane to drive inside a real life
a real life
Who oh oh nowow

F |  C  |  G# |  C  | Amin | D7  | G  |                             C

            C       C/B     C/A     C/G  C

Walkin down an old street to meet my old ghost
            C       C/B     C/A     C/G            D7

And if you wanna know how we are I'd say that were close

F            C         Emin           D7
But I cannot tell you who we love the most

F              G            C
Cause it ain't like that anymore
F            G             C       C/B     C/A     C/G        F

No it ain't like that anymore

End on C7    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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