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Sunday In Savannah

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            Sunday in Savannah by Nina Simone
*see notes at bottom

G   Em7  CMaj7       D7
One more Sunday in Savannah
G                 Em7            CMaj7      D7
Hear the whole creation shoutin' Praise the Lord
G   Em7  CMaj7            D7                    
See them flinging out the banner
Em7             CMaj7   Am7   G
While the congregation says Amen

D     Bm7   GMaj7   A7     D
Young folks tendin' Sunday School
          Bm7               GMaj7  A7     
They sing merrily 'bout the golden rule
D  Bm7  GMaj7     A7      D      
Parsons preaching all the day
     Bm7           GMaj7 A7  D
They holler in the righteous way

G    Em7            CMaj7           D7
It's time for me to call on my aunt Hannah
G         Em7                    CMaj7      D7
While she sits there wishing for her last reward

G   Em7  CMaj7       D7
One more Sunday in Savannah

One more Sunday in Atlanta
         D7   Em7
It's the same thing
D7   Em7
Same state
D7   Em7
Same feeling
Bm    A   G 
Don't you dare
Am7   Bm   C
Go fishin' son
D7 G

*Some of the transitions are iffy and the end part with "Same thing..." sounds in 
the recording like it goes up but may just be adding notes to the chords I put 
(i.e. add 9/11/13 etc.) Couldn't find this great song anywhere so I tried my best. 
People with better ears and skills are encouraged to fix!    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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