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Shaving Cold

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            Artist: Wooden Wand
Album: "Born Bad"
Website: www.woodenwand.org

Standard Tuning

Shaving Cold

shaving cold 
F                C
but that's alright
I'm in my valley
home to night

where i look
F            C
is where i lie
             G  F          C
shaving cold beats shavin dry

            F                             C
and it's good to be back home despite it all
             F                            G
neath the glittering, the spiders on the wall

i feel good, i'll tell you why
shaving cold beats shaving dry

half insane
but hardly gone
i'll have my strength back
ah before too long
i forgot to how to cry
shavin cold beats shavin dry

and it's good to be back home and by your side
beneath the drippin roof and rows of double wide

i'm at peace i don't know why
shavin cold beats shavin dry    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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